Last week on Saturday my family and I went to the last Matariki  celebration in Glen Innes. When we went there, we saw our cousins and we asked them if they wanted to walk with us and they said ‘yes.’ Then we were walking through a light trail and there was a floating shark. It was hanging on a tree but it was fake. There were a lot of lights everywhere. It was so cool there.

After that it was so dark all around and then all of a sudden there were lights. The light trail was so colourful because there were blue, red, white, purple and yellow ones, and there was a big sign that said Matariki. We stopped  for a while and looked around. There was a count down for the fireworks. The fireworks were so loud and there was one firework that sounded like a woman screaming.

I enjoyed the Matariki celebrations and then when we came back to school, we learned even more about this special Maori New Year.

Characterisation of Storm Boy

I am young and even though I don’t go to school, I am smart. I am happy to be alone in nature. I love being in big, loud, windy, wet storms. I’ve learnt everything I know from Fingerbone Bill, who lives in the Coorong near where my dad and I live. I love animals and they are my friends…………………………. Storm Boy.


ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits


Last Thursday Mrs Agnew gave us ANZAC biscuits. ANZAC biscuits were baked by Australian and New Zealand women for the Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the first world war in 1915. The ANZAC biscuits could last for six months and that was good because it’s a long way from New Zealand to where the war was. The ingredients are butter, golden syrup, flour, baking powder  and coconut. It looked like the moon and was shaped like a hula hoop. When I first smelt it, it smelt like coconut, oats and sugar. It felt spiky, hard and lumpy like a rock and when I first tasted it, it was sweet like syrup, coconut sugar and oats.

St Patrick’s 175 year Jubilee


On Friday in the morning  I woke up. I was so excited for the day. The first thing we did was find a seat in Mass. After that we sang for a long time and then when we left  we went for morning tea. 

After morning tea was done we went for tabloid sports,  but first we got split into teams. All our group’s names were based on Irish names or Irish food names. When  we got placed in our groups we went to play games. All groups split up to go to our first game.

My group and I  were with Mrs George and her game was to throw the gumboot the furthest away and win. Our group won the gumboot throw. Then Mrs Bullot rang the bell switch games.

We did it again and again. When we were done  playing our games Mrs Foden told the group leaders to go get the ice blocks. We all ate them. Then the day was over celebrating St Patrick was over.

This is me on Sunday during Mass when I had to carry the candle in my Tongan clothes. I felt very special. This was a great weekend to celebrate our Jubilee.