Preparing for Athletics day

After morning tea we went on the field and we met Coach Bart. He taught us how to sprint in a square and we were running on our heels and toes and up high and down low. Then he taught us to run with the opposite leg and with the left arm and bend our knees when we are running.

After that we played a game called sheepdog and it was a game when two people had to tag us with pool noodles but only on the hip not on the head or the shoulder. When we get tagged we had to run around the cones and then come back in the game. We were having fun and getting tired of running away from the taggers who were Sione and Mari .

Then we practiced running fast to touch the wall then and then coming  back. We also practiced saying ready set go and  then  we were racing. It was a lot of work. After that Coach Bart changed it and we had to run after the runner. I got him  and then we ran back.

Coach Bart gave us different animals and he told us to lie down and place the animal at the top of our heads to test our height. We had to jump over it. Then he told us to bend our legs and swing our arms. On my first try I made it but some people did not make it. On my second try I made it again and then we had to give back our animals. That was the end of the game. We all said bye and we all can’t wait for next week.



How To Wrap a present

Introduction: I wrap presents for birthdays


Tape, wrapping paper, scissors, present, ribbon

Steps needed:

1.unfold the wrapping paper

2. get the present

3. place it on the wrap

4. cut the wrap

5. then tape it

6. Now stick it on the table to wrap

7. tape it in the middle

8. Fold the paper into triangular shapes

9. fold onto the top of the present

10. seal it with tape

Conclusion: Now your present is ready to give to someone and make them happy.

Swimming Lessons

Last term we went swimming for two weeks at the CLM pools.  First we had to change after lunch and then we went inside the court to line up on the yellow line waiting for the Room 7 boys.  We had to wait and then we realized that we forgot our masks in class. Then we walked as fast as we could to the bus so we would not get late for our swimming lessons.

When we got there, we got divided into groups. I was put in lane with Tuakalau, Roland, Cosma, Sione, Ion, Wycliffe and Nixcent. Our swimming teacher’s name was Pearly. She had orange hair and she was very nice.  We learned how to swim and we were floating on our backs. Then we used the blue boards and kicked our legs really fast and holding our breaths for ten seconds.  At the end we jumped in and we got out to do another one. When it was Roland’s turn we cheered and then he jumped. We were happy for him.

Then we got our towels and our jumpers and we got on the bus and sang very very loudly.  Then we got back to school and changed into our normal school clothes. We went outside to play Teacher and in the end we went back home. On the last day of swimming I wasn’t there, but it looked fun.

Ki o rahi

Ki o rahi is a Maori game and we had a coach that came to our class last Thursday. Her name was Chelsea and she played a video first. It started with a man named Rahi and his wife’s name was Tiara. Another tribe came to kidnap her. 

After the video we went to play some tagging games outside. One team was called  Taniwha and the other team was called Kioma. I was in Kioma.  The games were fun but there was lots of running and tagging. I hope we can play again next Thursday.

Making a tree house

Last term I built a tree hut with my classmates in Room 6. The materials I collected from home were string, foil, a big box and long cardboard poles. The first thing I did was I took my box and I cut out two windows with some scissors. 

Then I glued the hut onto one strong pole which was in the middle of my hut. I thought it might fall over but it didn’t. I decided to use two bricks joined together under the pole so it couldn’t fall over. 

Instead of a door I decided to use a window and I made a rope ladder to get inside.  The roof was made from plastic sheets and cardboard. I wanted it to be strong and not let any water inside.

On the last day I painted a Tongan flag on it and I used toilet paper rolls for a bed. I also made a poster called tfl. When I was done with my hut we did testing with our huts. The first one was when we put them in front of the fanand let the wind blow for 10 seconds. Second, we put scissors on the tree hut to test for weight and then we went outside to take a fun class photo of all our tree huts. In the end we did the water resistant test. Mrs Yumul poured water over our huts to see if any went inside. Mine was safe. It was a fun day and we took our tree huts home.  


About me

Malo  le lelei. I am Patrick and I’m in year 4 in Room 6 at St Patrick’s School. My school is in Panmure. I’m Tongan and I’m 8 years old. I am the second youngest child in my family and we also live in Panmure. I’m the one who does all the cleaning and I am very good at it.
I’m good at playing rugby and I enjoy cleaning the house and my goal is to speak full Tongan with my family. At school I am good at Reading and I love playing cricket. My goal is to read 100 books this year.
I’m looking forward to my aunty coming to see us from Tonga. My brothers and sisters inspire me because they help me with my homework at home. I hope I can spend time with my friends this year too.

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